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Initial D Season 4 Episode 11

The downhill race between the 86 and the Cappucino starts, and everyone is talking about how much advantage the Cappucino has over the 86. But that advantage is lessen by the rain because the burden of the race shifts from the car to the driver’s skills. Iketani, Kenji, and Itsuki goes to watch Takumi’s race. Ryosuke gives Takumi some advice in beating his opponent, but he didn’t give it clearly because he wants Takumi’s skills to grow by figuring it out. This episode ends when Takumi’s 86 catches up to the Cappucino by turning early so he spends more time stepping on the accelerator.

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Serie: Initial D

Episode Title: Act. 11 Downhill Battle in the Rain

Air Date: 2005-02-19