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Initial D Season 4 Episode 12

The downhill rain battle continues between Takumi’s 86 and the Cappucino. Fujiwara tries to do a counter attack because he misunderstood what Ryosuke told him. The second time Takumi tried to counterattack, he makes a mistake and puts a gap between himself and his opponent. As they come closer to the finish line, Takumi begins to wonder whether or not he should beat his opponent in the straightaway, eventhough he lost in the corners. When Sakamoto tried to block Takumi from passing him, Takumi instinctively uses the blind attack winning him the race. He also almost runs over his friends on the road since his headlights were off and they could not see him. Everyone was shocked the race was over in the first round. Now the second battle in the rain takes place between Wataru Ikiyama and his 86, and Keisuke Takahashi and his FD.

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Serie: Initial D

Episode Title: Act. 12 Mt. Kattou's Straightaway

Air Date: 2005-02-19