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Initial D Season 4 Episode 5

Act 5 begins with a few short scene’s first it’s Takumi chatting with Iketani and Itsuke at the gas station followed by Director Toudou giving some advice to a former student and professional racer Tomoyuki Tachi telling him that he feels that he should participate in a street race to help him get out of a slump he is in and after that we have Takumi sitting at home waiting for Bunta to arrive who has taken the 86 for a little spin upon seeing how well tuned the 86 is Bunta feels that there is no more fun left for him in the tuning the 86 any longer and thus informs Takumi that he is thinking about purchasing a new car for himself!. Keisuke and Ryosuke are at home when we learn that a challenge has been made from the Toudou Racing School for a re-match against Project D and on top of that Ryosuke is informed that the driver is a professional by The Emperor’s Koyichi Sudo who is also a Toudou School alumni upon hearing this news Keisuke feels that he should be the one how races on behal

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Serie: Initial D

Episode Title: Act. 5 The Starting Line to Victory

Air Date: 2004-08-21