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The Brak Show Season 1 Episode 9

Brak’s father reads that a huge staring contest is in town. He tells Brak of how he was the best starer in the 70’s. Brak wants to be a good starer too. Brak loses to his dad and trys again. He loses, again. Then, Zorak comes in and challenges Brak’s father to a staring contest. Zorak doesn’t fall for dad’s tricks. A few minutes later, a wasp comes in the house and stings Zorak’s eye. Zorak won’t blink anyway. Even more wasps come in and sting Zorak’s eyes and he still won’t blink. Brak’s mom calls an ambulence and they take Zorak away. Suddenly, a huge eye comes in. It’s the eye. After a to be continued, Brak’s dad refuses to stare.

Views: 7

Serie: The Brak Show

Episode Title: The Eye

Air Date: 2001-12-30