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Season 1
Episode 1 - Beet!! A Boy Who Holds Great Ambition!! Episode 2 - The Zenon Warriors! The End of the Proud Struggle to the Death... Episode 3 - Poala! The Battle of the Swamp of the Dead Episode 4 - Poala! The Battle of the Swamp of the Dead Episode 5 - Beet Warriors! Their Great Journey Starts Episode 6 - Jeek! Passionate Buster Arrives Episode 7 - Melmond! The Shivering Saiga Collector Episode 8 - Excellion Blade! The Inherited Soul Episode 9 - Sled! The Lonely Assassin Episode 10 - Grunide! The Dark Green Tactician Attacks! Episode 11 - Zenon Winzard! Fly The Special Kill Blade of Fate Episode 12 - Belltoze! Snarling Tragic King Episode 13 - Silent Glaive! The Sword of Gale Dances! Episode 14 - Crown Shield! Awaken a New Power Episode 15 - Decisive Battle! Beet vs Belltoze!! Episode 16 - Black Ground Level! To a Tumultuous New World Episode 17 - Milfa! Super Heroine of Electric Shock Episode 18 - Beet Jiiku Warrior Team! Attack the Den of the Demon Episode 19 - Gourmet Ant! Threat of the Evil Underground System Episode 20 - Crash! Terselon Final Defense Game Episode 21 - Benchura! Counterattack of the 3 Stars Episode 22 - Hurausuki! Professional Killer Laughs at the Game Episode 23 - Kiss! Resumption and the Oath on that Day Episode 24 - Another War! Hurausuki of Immortality Episode 25 - Grunide Castle! The Crime and Punishment of Betrayal Episode 26 - Cyclone Gunner! Release the Gun of the Wind Episode 27 - Rozzgoat! The One Who Follows the Power Episode 28 - Meigeki of Grand Flame Stream! The Time Limit of Decision Episode 29 - Fight Back! Genious Kiss of Burning Life Episode 30 - Tensei of Ice Shockwave! Change the Tears into Strength Episode 31 - Batton! A Lone Sniper Episode 32 - The Great Escape! While Beet is Asleep... Episode 33 - Milfa! BB of Love and Justice Reappears Episode 34 - Lightbolt Grasper! Come Forth, Lightning of Beauty Episode 35 - Ganeel! Dark Currency is Everything in This World Episode 36 - Warship Tortoise! Chase the Mobile Fortress Episode 37 - Zenir! The Soundless Fear Episode 38 - Jiiku! The Path that Busters Follow Episode 39 - Charge! The Nightmare of Grunide's Castle Episode 40 - Bloody Beast ! The True Form of Grunide Episode 41 - Peak Infuriation! The Roar of the Thrashing Beast Episode 42 - Boltic Axe! The Raging Axe of Thunder Episode 43 - Devastation! The Last Counterattack Episode 44 - Miracle Team! Strike! The Miracle Triple Attack Episode 45 - The Last of Grunide! Farewell, Dark Green Tactician Episode 46 - Awake, Busters! Reach for the Light of Hope Episode 47 - Wanted! Kiss is Under Arrest! Episode 48 - Emergency! Dazed Milfa Episode 49 - Sled! The Independent Buster! Episode 50 - Beet And Kiss! The Symbol Of Friendship! Episode 51 - Captured City! Defend Port Termits! Episode 52 - The Last Battle! Farewell, Black Horizon!!

Beet the Vandel Buster

The story takes place in a fantasy world where humans have been suffering from the attacks of the demon-like Vandels. Humans can fight back by becoming a Vandel Buster, a paid monster and Vandel assassin. The protagonist of the story, Beet, is a young boy who becomes a Vandel Buster to be like his heroes, the Zenon Warriors.