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Season 1
Episode 1 - Transfer Student! Humble First Love! Episode 2 - Just a Little Lemon Kiss Episode 3 - Mood Swings - Rowing First Date Episode 4 - Hikaru-chan?! The Disturbing C Experience! Episode 5 - Two People's Secret - The Part-Time Job Episode 6 - That Guy is a Rival! Love's Midterm Exam! Episode 7 - Madoka's Private Life - A Spark-Colored Kiss! Episode 8 - Your Smile! Shutter Chance at the Beach Episode 9 - Kurumi-chan's How To Date! Episode 10 - A Premonition! Hikaru-chan Will Die! Episode 11 - Don't Ring the Wedding Bells! Episode 12 - Study Abroad in America! Goodbye Madoka! Episode 13 - Everyone is Looking! Hikaru's Super Transformation! Episode 14 - A Foreboding Dream! Madoka and Kyosuke are Breaking Up At Last! Episode 15 - Madoka's Ultimate Decision! Putting a Period to the Love Triangle Episode 16 - Well, Do You Believe or Not? Madoka Saw a UFO Episode 17 - The Summer Temptation - A Double Date Out Of the Blue Episode 18 - Madoka's Challenge! The Haunted Beach Big Wave Legend Episode 19 - The Couple's Experience - Forbidden Island of Love! Episode 20 - Hikaru Witnesses! The Camp is Full of Danger! Episode 21 - Kyosuke in a Pinch! Sweet Nothings at the Wuthering Heights! Episode 22 - An Adult Relationship? Madoka Secretly Returns Home in the Morning! Episode 23 - Kyosuke and Madoka in a Big Fight! The 3-Legged Race of Love! Episode 24 - Introducing Kazuya! Be Careful Around the Panic Kid! Episode 25 - Risky Self-Hypnosis! Kyosuke Changed! Episode 26 - Kyosuke Becomes a Kid! Getting Super-Close to Madoka! Episode 27 - Marked Woman Madoka! Kyosuke, Proving He's a Man! Episode 28 - Dangerous Decision! Manami-chan's Big Adventure! Episode 29 - Don't Cry, Jingoro! The Heat of Young Love! Episode 30 - A Tender Little Story - Kurumi's First Love, Chapter Hell! Episode 31 - Madoka and Yuusaku - The Marching Song of Runaway Youths Episode 32 - Will My Birthday Come Twice? Time-Runner Kyosuke Episode 33 - Strange Madoka! The Mushroom of 120% Truth! Episode 34 - Roots Panic! Madoka in the Mysterious Homeland Episode 35 - Perverted With a Camera! Robo-Kyosuke! Episode 36 - Adios, Kyosuke! Paranormal Powers Caught On Video! Episode 37 - Heroic Orange Legend - Madoka's Duel in the Blizzard Episode 38 - Kyosuke Timetrips! The Third Christmas Episode 39 - Hypnotizing Madoka - Kyosuke's Dangerous New Year Episode 40 - First Dream of the New Year - Giant Monster Jingoro's Counterattack Episode 41 - Immobilized Madoka - Kyosuke's Mysterious Watch Episode 42 - Madoka the Popular - Kyosuke Finally Confesses Episode 43 - Heartbroken Hikaru - Follow Her to the Winter Beach Episode 44 - The Taste of Love? Kyosuke's Valentine from HELL!! Episode 45 - Goodbye Hikaru - And Then There Were None Episode 46 - One Snow-White Night - Two Alone in a Gondola Episode 47 - A Presentiment of Farewells - Find Madoka's First Love Episode 48 - I Found Love! and Da Capo

Kimagure Orange Road

Kyosuke Kasuga, fifteen, moves to a new city and falls for Madoka Ayukawa. She’s friendly when they’re alone, but acts like a delinquent when in front of others. Kyosuke meanwhile struggles not to break the heart of Hikaru Hiyama, who fell in love after seeing him make an impossible basketball shot. To add the cherry to this particular sundae, Kyosuke and his family (sisters, grandfather, and cousins) all have various powers. And while Kyosuke’s desperate to keep those powers a secret, his younger sisters (among others) aren’t quite as concerned about it.

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 25 min


TMDb: 7.2