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Season 1
Episode 1 - I want to Fall in Love "He's handsome, but I can't forgive him!" Episode 2 - Side Effects of a Kiss "I don't know what he's thinking." Episode 3 - Two Kisses "Yuu had a girlfriend?!" Episode 4 - Ginta's Confession "I'm not gonna let him take you!" Episode 5 - Legend of Lovers "With all my heart in the medallion." Episode 6 - Love Game "I hate you, Ginta!" Episode 7 - Hokkaido With Love "What's going on with those two?!" Episode 8 - The Fragrance of an Adult "I'm not jealous!" Episode 9 - Part-Time Job "The war of love depends on sales!" Episode 10 - Our First Night "Surprise in the bathroom♥" Episode 11 - Birthday "Yuu is staring at me..." Episode 12 - Smash! "I like both Yuu and Ginta..." Episode 13 - Love and Friendship "Ginta, please date Arimi!" Episode 14 - Qualification of Love "You don't deserve Yuu!" Episode 15 - Meiko's Secret "I wanted you to tell me..." Episode 16 - A Man's Decision "Please don't quit, Na-chan!" Episode 17 - Meiko's Separation "I can't say goodbye!" Episode 18 - The Direction of Love "You can't have it the way you wanted." Episode 19 - Marriage Feud "Don't say it's ridiculous!" Episode 20 - Doubtful Twosome "Yuu and Satoshi are a couple?!" Episode 21 - Trip to Karuizawa "Just as I thought... Strange!" Episode 22 - Double Date "I like you, but we don't understand each other!" Episode 23 - Shocking Confession "Yuu, what are you talking about?" Episode 24 - The Secret of His Birth "I can't leave Yuu alone!" Episode 25 - Real Kiss "Yuu, I love you!" Episode 26 - New Anxiety "I'm too afraid to be happy." Episode 27 - Love Worries "How long will this happiness last?" Episode 28 - Unstable Feelings "I'm going to get a part-time job!" Episode 29 - Obstacle to love "I Can't Find The Medallion!" Episode 30 - Rival "I Love You, Yuu." Episode 31 - Suzu and Kei "These Two Make Me Nervous..." Episode 32 - Love at the school festival "Yuu And Kei's Concert." Episode 33 - Lost love "I Love You!" Episode 34 - Breakup Premonition "The Halloween Conspiracy." Episode 35 - Crossing each other's path "You mean we are going to break up?" Episode 36 - I'm alone "I'll make you forget him!" Episode 37 - Tearful reunion "I thought it was over between us..." Episode 38 - Anju's feelings "I want to be next in line to Miki!" Episode 39 - A bitter love "I've loved Yuu for a long time..." Episode 40 - A Holy night "I'm alone on Christmas Eve..." Episode 41 - The morning of lovers "Merry Christmas." Episode 42 - New Year's pattern of love "It's going to be a wonderful year." Episode 43 - Ski trip "I won't let you two be alone!" Episode 44 - Our future "Yuu's dream, my dream?" Episode 45 - Meiko's turnabout "I'm going to Hiroshima!" Episode 46 - To Hiroshima... "Let Me Be By Your Side Again!" Episode 47 - Couple on the beach "Because I care about you..." Episode 48 - A Taste of Chocolate "Sweet and bitter Valentine!" Episode 49 - The Shape of Love "It's difficult to be happy." Episode 50 - The Foreign Exchange Student Appears "Michael's... Strange!" Episode 51 - Love triangle "Someone's messing things up..." Episode 52 - Making a decision under the moonlight "Yuu, Don't leave me alone!" Episode 53 - Making a memory "I won't regret it if anything happens." Episode 54 - New life "Yuu, How are you doing?" Episode 55 - Ripples again "New York is too far away!" Episode 56 - Lost pathway to love "My boyfriend is Yuu but..." Episode 57 - Passing each other "I can't bear it! I'm so lonely..." Episode 58 - Tone of a love confession "I want you to see me as a man!" Episode 59 - An uneasy weekend "I want to hear Yuu's voice!" Episode 60 - My love is far away "Yuu is in front of me." Episode 61 - New York trap "Yuu, was I stupid?" Episode 62 - Goodbye "I can't be your girlfriend anymore." Episode 63 - Holding back the tears "I want to be alone." Episode 64 - A pair's problems "I want to hear your voice." Episode 65 - Solid decision "Miki... I'll take her." Episode 66 - New choice "You don't have to forget him." Episode 67 - Friends "I need Kei!" Episode 68 - Indecisive lovers "Goodbye... Ginta." Episode 69 - The courage to love "I've decided!" Episode 70 - I'm home "What kind of face should I put on to meet him?" Episode 71 - A night of stars & the moon "Although we're near each other... I'm lonely." Episode 72 - Half brother and sister "Our happiness is breaking down." Episode 73 - Farewell "I had to do it..." Episode 74 - A box of memories "Bye bye, Yuu." Episode 75 - Brother and sister?! "We have to be separate!" Episode 76 - Departure "Our love progresses."

Marmalade Boy

Miki’s parents come home from their vacation to announce that they are getting a divorce. But what is more shocking is that they have switched partners with another couple! And to top things off, this other couple has a handsome son, Yuu, who Miki begins to develop feelings for. To make things more disturbing, everyone moves into one house. What will everyone think about Miki’s family lifestyle?

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 25 min


TMDb: 8.8