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Season 1
Episode 1 - The Wives Say Episode 2 - Young Lord Raving Mad Episode 3 - The Disqualified Castellan Episode 4 - A Woman's Caliber Episode 5 - A Castle of Conspiracy Episode 6 - A Romance Episode 7 - I Fled From the Enemy Episode 8 - A Bride Who is Too Good Episode 9 - Farewell, My Brother Episode 10 - His Miraculous First Battle Episode 11 - An Angry Bride Episode 12 - An Order To Assassinate Motonari Episode 13 - A Child of the War-torn Era Was Born Episode 14 - A Giant and A Baby Episode 15 - Turning the Tables in Tears Episode 16 - His Younger Brother's Rebellion Episode 17 - A Fierce Dawn Episode 18 - A Naval Goddess Episode 19 - A Husband in Love Episode 20 - An Illegitimate Woman Episode 21 - A Million for One Heart Episode 22 - Three Arrows Episode 23 - Invasion of the Amago Episode 24 - Showdown at Koriyama Castle Episode 25 - Amago Tsunehisa Dies Episode 26 - The Ghost is Our Enemy Episode 27 - No Way Out Episode 28 - I Want To See the Ocean Episode 29 - Farewell to My Child Episode 30 - Good-bye, Mii Episode 31 - Sugi Goes To Paradise Episode 32 - Motonari Turns Into a Demon Episode 33 - His Sharp Knife-Like Strategy Episode 34 - Hannya (Jealous Female Demon) Hovering in Darkness Episode 35 - The Last Traitor Episode 36 - Demon's Politics Episode 37 - A Left-out Firefly Episode 38 - A Decision at Age 59 Episode 39 - Outwitting a Plot Episode 40 - Storms Bring Chances Episode 41 - A Surprise Attack at Itsukushima Episode 42 - His Last Woman Episode 43 - A Letter to Three Sons Episode 44 - Dancing for Silver Episode 45 - Man's Caliber Episode 46 - Assassinating Takamoto Episode 47 - An Avenging Battle Episode 48 - Terumoto Making a Debut Episode 49 - A Lonely Champion Episode 50 - Live Well, Die Well

Mouri Motonari

The 36th NHK Taiga Drama is Mori Motonari. This series chronicles the life of Mori Motonari, a warlord of the early 1500s who stood at the vanguard of the Warring States era. All Japanese school textbooks contain the Mitsuya no kyokun, Mori’s famous lesson to his three sons that teaches that while one arrow is easily broken, three arrows together cannot be broken. In 1997, 500 years after his birth, NHK dramatizes Motonari’s rise from a chief of the region of Aki (now Hiroshima) to a daimyo who rules over ten provinces of the Chugoku region. Motonari was 64 years old and already the patriarch of a powerful dynasty about the time Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen appeared on the scene. And even after his death, the Mori family figured prominently in Japanese history. His grandson Terumoto became a loyal Toyotomi vassal. Defeated at the Battle of Sekigahara, Ieyasu confiscated most of his lands, leaving him only with Suwo and Nagato, later known as Choshu. But 260 years later, the Mori got their ultimate revenge, leading the imperial forces against the Tokugawa in the Meiji Restoration.

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 60 min