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Season 1
Episode 1 - Vision Episode 2 - Spirit World New Town Episode 3 - A Promise With Kumiko Episode 4 - The Micron Investigation Episode 5 - Yohko of the Harbor Doesn't Forget the Melody of Love Episode 6 - The Small Life Flying Through the Forest of the Battlefield Episode 7 - Who is the Me Floating in the Mirror!? Episode 8 - The Comeback Salmon Revived by the Lutaceous River Episode 9 - The Surprise House is at Vision Town, Address 0 Episode 10 - Vision Castle – Chase the Shadow of the Tokyo Express Episode 11 - He Came From the Dark Nebula, the Strongest Villain, Fighter Episode 12 - An Alien's Smile; Operation My Friend Episode 13 - Strength is Love; The Heroes Set Off Episode 14 - The Grandmother Who's Scared of Recurring Nightmares Episode 15 - The Device Island of the Sea's Rumbling Episode 16 - The Dangerous Hit Song Sung by the Pretty Girl Episode 17 - The Wondrous Extradimensional Trip of the New Model Double-Decker Bus Episode 18 - It's Summer! It's the Sea! The Meteor Group Who Attacks Izuhantou Episode 19 - The Mysterious Girl Who Stands Alone on the Cape Wicked Men Visit Episode 20 - The Prism Desert Island That Calls the Stormy Seas Episode 21 - The Secret Room's Fang – Lily Likes a Mystery Episode 22 - The Temptation to Heaven That the Tennis Player Attacks Episode 23 - Fear of the Copy Era; Big Gathering of All Humans Episode 24 - The Japan Lazy Person Disease Transported by the Insect Hurricane Episode 25 - Tears in a Demon's Eye – An Angel's Tears – Papa's Help is Coming Episode 26 - The Trap of Anger; The Great Makeup War Episode 27 - The Treacherous Skies; The Fugitive From the Dark Jail Episode 28 - The Campus is an 80m Wind Speed Violent Storm Episode 29 - Who is the Enemy? The Hot-Blooded Man Who Targets the Wilderness Episode 30 - The Abandoned Children; Transforming Mama Episode 31 - Miyuki, Now? The Wandering Illusion Crystal Episode 32 - The Vision Dream Device Orange and a Lullaby! Episode 33 - An Instant Trip! Inside the Vision Castle are Bizarre Flowers in Full Bloom Episode 34 - The Hair-Raising Spirit is the Guide to the Ghost World Episode 35 - If You Fall, Stand up, Den! Love is the Radiance of Life Episode 36 - The Iga Warrior Team's Z Flag Rises in the Cloudy Space Sky Episode 37 - The Bear-Hunting Grandpa Saw the Wondrous Poison Flower Episode 38 - Crazy Whispering Coup d'Etat, Visions of Dark Clouds Episode 39 - The Doll Knows the Wounds of the Iga Warrior's Heart Episode 40 - The Fiery Car Chase, the Great Promise to Tear Bonds of Love Episode 41 - Phoenix!! Return to the Genmu World Episode 42 - The Crimson Youth of the Female Warrior Who Ran Through the Battlefield Episode 43 - The Tears of a Mother and Child's Love Flow Down the Road to Heaven Episode 44 - The Midnight Cinderella is Full of the Aroma of Roses Episode 45 - The Audition's Trap; The Big Little Child Star Episode 46 - The Birthday Promise; The Sky Cloud That Draws a Dream to the Heavens Episode 47 - The Older Brother and Younger Sister Who Wish For Happiness; Sparks Fall, Holy Sword, Evil Sword Episode 48 - Mimi Episode 49 - Gamagon Episode 50 - Sea Monster Episode 51 - Sekisha – Jouchaku

Space Sheriff Sharivan

Space Sheriff Sharivan is the second installment in Toei’s Metal Hero Series and aired on the TV Asahi network from 4 March 1983 through 24 February 1984. It served as a direct sequel to its predecessor, Space Sheriff Gavan and featured many of the same characters.

For distribution purposes, Toei refers to this television series as Shariban, The Space Guardian.

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 30 min


TMDb: 8.5