Favorite Report
Season 1
Episode 1 - The fierce guardian spirit awakens Episode 2 - Karuma the demon and her three demon disciples Episode 3 - Shut in by the shutter Episode 4 - The pot filled with desire Episode 5 - Tastes like fresh Zenki Episode 6 - The boy and the telephone Episode 7 - Run for the finish line of desire Episode 8 - Welcome to Hotel Mummy Episode 9 - A demon in the basement and the fire spell Episode 10 - A boy and his dogs Episode 11 - The night song of the samurai Episode 12 - Memories buried in the snow Episode 13 - The challenge of the wishing plaques Episode 14 - Reveal Zenki's secret Episode 15 - The plan of sealing up the guardian spirit Episode 16 - The spell of darkness. Souma vs Anju Episode 17 - The servant of evil falls. Anju's longest day Episode 18 - The golden dragon awakens Episode 19 - The two Chiakis. 800-year promise Episode 20 - Heian capital up in flames. Come, golden axe! Episode 21 - The pentagram shrines in the ancient capital Episode 22 - Guardian village destroyed. Water formation Episode 23 - Goula the traitor Episode 24 - Come back to life Zenki! Flame formation Episode 25 - The last battle! The end of Karuma Episode 26 - Eve of the guardian spirit festival Episode 27 - A New Enemy Episode 28 - The awakening of the heartbeat! Akira's secret Episode 29 - Roar Out! Episode 30 - Stolen faces. Beware of the pick-up artist! Episode 31 - The hands that create souls Episode 32 - Terror by the lake. Listen to the song of the spirit Episode 33 - Fragments of desire. Chiaki in big trouble! Episode 34 - Jukai runs for office! Episode 35 - An arrow that pierces the full moon. Ichiko's secret Episode 36 - Forbidden garden. Let's put flowers on our heads Episode 37 - A star is born. Got the punch line? Episode 38 - The nightmare of the lost pool. Souma returns Episode 39 - Hirumaki's scheme. The shadow of death creeps Episode 40 - Dangerous encounter. Sayaka's crush Episode 41 - Kokutei gets kidnapped. Assissinate the dog diety! Episode 42 - Akira's the target. Attacker from the Realm of the Dead Episode 43 - Darkness approaches. Chiaki gets tested Episode 44 - The miracle of Mother Mary. The memories of an ancient jewel Episode 45 - Kazue dies at dawn! Kill the phantom karuma beast! Episode 46 - Beautiful beast. Negation power Episode 47 - Enno shrine under attack. Come, Earth Dragon staff! Episode 48 - The fate of the moon & the wolf. Beyond the white & silver! Episode 49 - The guardian spirit vs. the dog diety. The last battle of destiny Episode 50 - The god of destruction arrives. Fight, courageous ones Episode 51 - Go guardian spirit! Golden axe Ludora


In ancient times, a great battle was waged between a master mage, Enno, and an evil demon goddess, Karuma. Enno didn’t have the strength to defeat her alone and was forced to call upon Zenki, a powerful protector demon. After Karuma was defeated, Enno sealed Zenki away in a pillar located inside his temple.

1,200 years after this epic battle, Enno’s descendant, Chiaki, unleashes her family’s powers to summon Zenki.